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Inspired by Primary caregiving? - Qualified ECE teacher for our Infant/Toddler Team

Auckland - Northshore
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Under 2's
Full time
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We are a small centre licenced for 45 children.  Our children are part of one big family. We work hard to build beautiful relationships with our tamariki and all their whanau.  

We are looking for the right person to fit into our team, working with our infants and toddlers.  We are influenced by the RIE philosophy and use this in our thinking about the children.

We have small ratio's and do our best to keep it that way.  Our centre is open plan and supports our family values about children of all ages being able to interact together if they wish, though we do have dedicated areas for the different groups.  Just like at home.

Our team are all at different stages of their own journeys and we support each other and help, just like we would do at home.

We have our guidelines we work with, however we are left to work with the childrens needs and routines rather than a timeline that we as the adults choose.  We encourage independent thinking from our team, we don't want to be running around telling you what to do all day.

We might be in an older building that doesn't look much from the front, but inside we are open, light, clean and extremely well resourced.  We are given what we ask for (most of the time) and we are privately owned by an owner who lives out of town, but still participates in the center regularly.  

So if you are passionate about infants and toddlers, their growth and being a positive part of that then we would love to hear from you.

You must have an ECE or Primary degree and have either full or provisional registration.

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