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Talk Recruitment's services are free to teachers, teachers can create a profile and register interest in jobs on the site and there is no cost at any time in the process.

Centres and Schools
Centres and schools can view teachers and express interest for free, they can post one-off or multiple jobs on the marketplace for free.  

Centres and schools only pay fees if they hire a teacher for relief or permanent roles.
For relief placements, there is a fixed daily fee for schools or hourly rates if ECE as per the current Talk Recruitment rate card.  
For permanent placements, a set percentage of the teachers salary is charged once a person is hired.

Price Promise
We will work with centres and schools to meet the challenging recruitment market we all face.  Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will work with you make sure you can afford the services we offer.
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Daily Relief for Schools


We make it simple

Talk Recruitment connects schools with relievers in seconds whilst connecting teachers to a wealth of new employment opportunities. ​Talk Recruitment is offering the latest recruitment software to the schools of New Zealand to help improve the management of daily relief teachers.


Imagine being able to book your own relievers in seconds, at the click of a button, and have access to agency teachers when you need them. You can load all your existing relievers into our software and then you can manage them daily via the app, making the placement of teachers a breeze.

Use our software to mange your own relief teachers better.
Access an agency teacher when you need one with a simple txt.


How it Works

Sign up for a free trial for 30 days

Get set up in minutes - we give you a login and password for your free trial and you are ready to start placing your teachers!


Start booking and managing your relievers

We load your existing relief teachers into the app, it only takes a few minutes. Manage your own pool of relievers better and get access to local teachers when you need them.

Access agency relievers when you need them

If you cannot fill a booking or can't find a local teacher then access a fully compliant agency teacher for the day by txting 021 0265 2008. (fees apply)


Everything you need

View Availability

Know exactly when each of your teachers can work and eliminate wasted phone calls!  Teachers will update their availability saving you making phone calls in the evening trying to find available teachers.

Request Teachers

Load your own relievers into the app directly and start booking them in minutes. Make sure you get the most of your relief teacher pool and make teacher placement easy.

Receive Confirmation

You receive an immediate notification to your phone when your teacher(s) accepts a booking. The booking is shown in the app and your calendar.

Agency Teachers

You can now access agency teachers when you cannot fill a booking. Simply txt 021 0265 2008 to request an agency teacher for the day.
(fees apply)
Testimonial Image

"ClassCover has made our life so much easier. It takes the stress out of trying to find a relief teacher, and is quick and easy to use. We are able to easily see who is available to cover our teachers’ curriculum release time and day to day sickness and we feel much more prepared for the year ahead as a result."

Ben Galletly, Deputy Principal

West Rolleston Primary School
Testimonial Image

“It is so easy to use and as a Principal saves so much time trying to find a reliever. It is a one stop shop!”

Andrea Colebourn, Principal

St Joseph's Catholic School - Waikato

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