Talk Recruitment's services are free to teachers, teachers can create a profile and register interest in jobs on the site and there is no cost at any time in the process.

Centres can view teachers and express interest for free, they can post one-off or multiple jobs on the marketplace for free.  

Centres only pay fees if they hire a teacher for relief or permanent roles. For relief placements, there is a fixed daily fee for schools or hourly rates if ECE as per the current Talk Recruitment rate card.  
For permanent placements, a set percentage of the teachers salary is charged once a person is hired.

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We will work with centres to meet the challenging recruitment market we all face.  Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will work with you make sure you can afford the services we offer.
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Early Childhood Teacher Recruitment

We specialise in helping early childhood teachers find relief, fixed term and permanent roles. We help centres find the best teachers.

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I want daily relief work!

Talk works with early childhood centres across New Zealand to supply unqualified and qualified relievers. Choose the days you want to work, location and hours, we have plenty of centre options.

If you want 3-5 days a week of relief work or to make a career out of relief teaching then get in touch with the Talk team, we are here to help you get the relief work you want.
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I want a permanent job!

Talk works with ECE centres across New Zealand to supply qualified early childhood permanent staff to fill early childhood teacher roles, team leaders and centre manager positions.

If you are looking for a permanent role at a local centre then sign up on our new job board to create a teacher profile and resume. You can then view and apply for ECE jobs across New Zealand.
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We help connect early childhood teachers and centres for relief and permanent work across New Zealand in our new job board.
No more massive placement fees, just create a centre profile and list your jobs, no placement fees once you find the right teacher, yes that's correct NO PLACEMENT FEES!

Early childhood centres can access qualified and unqualified teachers for relief and  permanent roles when they need to. We use an easy to use all for relief placements and our new job board takes care of all your job listings and finding great teachers for permanent roles.

We specialise in early childhood recruitment, we have for over 20 something years.

Local ECE Teachers.
New Zealand Experience.

Talk Recruitment connects local qualified and unqualified early childhood teachers with NZ experience to early childhood centres throughout New Zealand.

Locally owned and operated by New Zealand teachers, Talk Recruitment understands early childhood education recruitment like no other agency.

We believe a focus on supporting quality local ECE teachers is well overdue, let's work together to support our ECE teachers and centres and help improve the quality of relief teacher placements and access the best teachers for permanent placements.