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Thinking of becoming a Relief Teacher?

Thinking of becoming a relief teacher? There are many benefits of being a reliever. Check out why relief teaching could be an amazing career change for you. 

Relief teaching gives you all the best of both worlds, helping you to enjoy your time in the classroom again.

Less stress/Paperwork.

Step into a role doing what us teachers love doing most, teaching!! When you become a relief teacher, you won’t have to worry about the piles of paperwork or those late night meetings. Spend your days playing and learning with children, spend your nights and weekends relaxing. 

Build relationships in your local ECE community.

There is no better way to establish and build relationships in your local ECE community than by being a relief teacher. As a relief teacher, you will be able to spend time at lots of different centres in your community. This is a great opportunity to check out centres, establish and build relationships which will be beneficial for your career in the future. 

Increase/gain new knowledge and skills.

As a relief teacher, you will build your skills by spending time at different centres. Relief teachers are able to observe different teaching styles used at centres and increase their own skills. As a relief teacher at Talk Recruitment, you can access wonderful free or discounted professional development to continue developing your skills and knowledge. 

Great pay rates.

With the cost of living constantly increasing, becoming a relief teacher is a great way to earn great pay rates. As a relief teacher you will be on a high pay rate, in lot’s of cases significantly higher than the rate you will earn working in a permanent position. 


Life is short, relief teaching gives you the flexibility to work when it suits you! Whether you are wanting to spend more time with family, are wanting to do some more study, have other commitments you are struggling to find time for or just want the freedom to work when you want, then relief teaching will give you the time.

Still get great support.

Becoming a relief teacher doesn't have to mean you’re no longer part of a team. At Talk Recruitment we make sure you are well supported and connected with our team. You can also continue to be supported with your teacher registration with our wonderful Teacher Registration support provider - Sonja. (Add more details when they come)

Want to know more about becoming a relief teacher? Contact Bec - 

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We help connect early childhood teachers and centres for relief and permanent work across New Zealand.

Early childhood centres can access qualified and unqualified teachers for relief and  permanent roles when they need them. We have local consultants who will work with you and great technology to make the process of sourcing relievers and permanent staff easy.

We specialise in early childhood recruitment.
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ECE teachers.
New Zealand experience.

Talk Recruitment connects local qualified and unqualified early childhood teachers with NZ experience to early childhood centres throughout New Zealand.

Locally owned and operated by New Zealand teachers, Talk Recruitment understands early childhood education recruitment like no other agency.

We believe a focus on supporting quality local ECE teachers is well overdue, let's work together to support our ECE teachers and centres and help improve the quality of relief teacher placements and access the best teachers for permanent placements.