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Teach in Australia


Find a job overseas in Australia

talk helps teachers find work in Australia.  We are currently helping teachers to secure ECT roles in the state of Victoria and New South Wales. Talk to Kim at for more information, but before you do, check out the information below about teaching in Victoria.

There are two types of incentives available from July 2022 to June 2023:

• Individual incentives of $9,000 for eligible qualified early childhood teachers working outside the Victorian early childhood education sector to take up a teaching role at any service delivering, or planning to deliver, funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten in 2023.

• Location incentives of between $9,000 to $50,000 for eligible qualified early childhood teachers who take up a teaching role at selected services. Eligible applicants who meet the criteria for both types of incentives will be able to receive both payments.

Additionally, anyone receiving an incentive and moving more than 200 kilometres from their current place of residence to take up the role will be eligible for a relocation supplement.

An overview of the types of incentives and supports available, and eligibility criteria, is provided below. General eligibility requirements to apply for either incentive, applicants must:

- apply for the incentive within 60 days of accepting a role
- be registered, or provide evidence of eligibility to register, as an early childhood teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching
- provide confirmation from their employer:
that they are filling a vacancy at a service that is delivering or planning to deliver a funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten program
about which age group they will teach (i.e., Three-Year-Old, Four-Year-Old or mixed age) 2 (Updated on 19 July 2022, version 1.0)
- not have previously received an Early Childhood Teacher Incentive, Targeted Educator Incentive or Teacher Financial Incentive
- be contracted for a minimum of 12 months in a teaching role at the service
- be eligible, or provide evidence of a visa application in progress to be eligible, to work in Australia for the full duration of their employment contract.Applicants must provide evidence of a visa application outcome within seven days of receiving the outcome to retain their incentive and avoid having to make repayments.

Relocation Supplement - specific eligibility requirements
Applicants who provide evidence to show they are relocating with a dependant(s) will be eligible for a larger relocation supplement. For the purpose of this program, a dependant is considered to be a child under the age of 18 or an adult who the applicant has the legal power to make decisions on behalf of.To access a relocation supplement.

Applicants must be eligible for an incentive and moving

$2,000 between 200-500km from their current place of residence
$4,000 more than 500km from their current place of residence
$6,000 from New Zealand
$3,000 between 200-500km from their current place of residence with a dependant(s)
$6,000 more than 500km from their current place of residence with a dependant(s)
$8,000 from New Zealand with a dependant(s)

Payment schedule/timings
Incentives are paid in milestone payments. Incentive recipients will be required to submit evidence to show they are still employed in the same role at the same service to receive a payment. Information about required evidence (including evidence to receive a relocation supplement) will be provided during the application process. Failure to provide this evidence may result in the obligation to repay some or all milestone payments.

Prioritisation and clarifications
Incentives are limited, and applications will be prioritised based on the circumstances of the service and applicant. In the event of oversubscription for incentives, priority will be given to:
- teachers taking on roles with higher working hours and for longer periods of employment
- permanent roles over fixed-term roles
- teachers joining services that do not employ existing incentive recipients.The Department reserves the right to consider exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis, including applications that may not meet all eligibility requirements.

Talk Recruitment provides a complete "wrap-around" support service to candidates that take up a vacancy overseas, we work with client centres to help you get all the support your need.  We want to make sure you get all the support you need to have a positive start to your overseas teaching career.

- Travel to your new job We can provide you with links to travel agents to help you organize tickets and travel to your job.
- Upon arrival Weather reports, Car rental, Accommodation support, Setting up bank accounts, Medical insurance, Mobile phone options, Your local GP, After school care, Shopping for supplies and Local ex-pat groups
- Employer support plan Pre-job requirements and preparationArrival in Australia, getting ready for your first day, first week check-in with management, centre support plan, and how to raise concerns if they arise.
- Job support for your spouse Links to local recruitment agenciesJob sites
- A checklist to surviving your first three months Week one, first-month and three-month checks
- Support contacts for when you need them Your centre contact and your Talk Recruitment contact

Early childhood teacher (ECT)

If you are employed as an early childhood teacher (ECT) in a Victorian education and care service or children’s service, you will need to be registered.

Once you have registered with us, your name will appear on the register of teachers.

If you are an educator or staff member employed in an education and care service or children's service and don’t hold an approved early childhood teaching qualification, you won't be required to register with us.

If you are registering for the first time

Once you have completed your initial teacher education (ITE) qualifications, you can set up your MyVIT account this is an external link and commence an online application.

MyVIT allows for self-service and is intuitive to your specific registration needs. To apply for registration, you will be required to complete some or all modules listed below (depending on your circumstances).

If there are any issues with your application, we will get in touch with you using the contact details you have provided.Watch a 'how to register' video.

Registering as a new graduate

You will need to pay an initial registration application fee which includes a fee for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC)
You may have to provide evidence that you meet the English language competency standards for registration.
You will be initially registered as a provisionally registered early childhood teacher (ECT).

Proving your identity and suitability to teach

You will be required to provide evidence that proves your identity as well as give consent so VIT can undertake a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check on your behalf. We may carry out other criminal record checks from time to time.

Declaring physical and/or mental health conditions

You need to declare any condition(s) that will affect your ability to undertake the duties of a teacher.

A condition may be ongoing or temporary, but conditions such as broken bones do not need to be declared.

If you are suffering from substance abuse and/or dependence, you will need to declare this with us. When you declare a condition, we will ask you to submit a statement that outlines your condition.

Depending upon the nature of the condition and the information you provide in your statement, we may require the submission of a medical report.

Overseas criminal record check (CRC)

If you were over the age of 18 and lived continuously in any country other than Australia for 12 months within the last 10 years, you will need to provide a certified copy of a police certificate issued by the national police service in the country you lived in.

You will be asked
- Dates resided overseas
- Country(ies) resided
- Whether you have obtained an Australian permanent residency visa or citizenship since residing overseas. You will need to upload evidence of this.

If an overseas criminal record check is required, you will need to upload a copy of this. Please refer to Department of Home Affairs for accepted overseas CRCs from every country you lived in.

An overseas CRC must cover the full period that you resided there.
If you currently reside overseas, the overseas CRC must be issued within 7 days of your application being submitted (e.g. if your application is submitted on 31 August, the CRC must be issued no earlier than 24 August).

If you have obtained an Australian permanent residency visa or citizenship since residing overseas, you will be exempt from providing an overseas CRC.

If you currently hold registration with us

You can apply for a second registration as a teacher or an ECT by accessing the relevant registration application in your MyVIT This is an external link account.

You will need to provide evidence of approved qualifications. If these qualifications are the same as those you used to apply for your current teacher registration, then you will not have to provide evidence of your qualifications.

Keep these in mind before your start an application
- you must hold a current and satisfactory National Police History Check
- you will have to make some further declarations about your continuing suitability to be a teacher
- you will be required to make a payment for your registration by credit or debit card.

Providing an English language test

You do not need to provide any further evidence of your English language competence if you have completed four years (full-time) of higher-education studies, including one year of teacher education study in one of these countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK or Ireland.

If you do not meet these requirements and have completed your higher education studies in any other country, you will need to provide a copy of an approved English language competency test.

For example
- If you completed an undergraduate teacher education qualification in Singapore, you will be required to provide evidence of your English language competence.
- If you completed an undergraduate degree (in a study other than teacher education) in France and then completed a postgraduate teacher education qualification in Australia, you will be required to provide evidence of your English language competence.

Learn more about approved English language tests and accredited testing centres.
View our English language competency policy

Learn more about ECT registration

We update early childhood providers with regular circulars by email. While these are tailored specifically towards early childhood providers, interested early childhood teachers are also encouraged to read the content.

Read our current early childhood circulars.  

Do you have a question?

Talk to Kim at for more information about teaching and relocating to Melbourne, she will help you every step of the way.

Read our FAQs.
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